As writers, we spend a lot of time in our own heads, rummaging amongst storage boxes of ideas and wondering which ones we should pick up and work on to tell the stories our hearts want us to tell.

Sometimes, the decision is made for us – by course deadlines, paid clients, competition end dates and other external pressure points which leave us no choice but to push through the pain barrier and actually finish a piece of work.

But at other times it’s easy to get stuck, unsure whether our ideas are valid enough to work with, or motionless with anxiety as the voices of gremlins – often from our past – tell us we’re not good enough to do them justice and who wants to read our stuff, anyway?

Sometimes, we can shake off these negative thoughts by ourselves, but sometimes we could do with a nudge from a neutral but knowledgeable person, with the questioning skills to help us decide which of the ‘boxes’ we want to focus on and how best we should move on.

I’m accredited as a writing coach through the Arvon Foundation and the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) and am a member of the Society of Authors. I’ve also experienced every gremlin and crippling bout of self doubt you can imagine, and practiced every procrastination trick going to stop me knuckling down to the hard work of writing and completing projects to share with the world.

I’ve learned to overcome these – through a mixture of productivity hacks, learning about the science of fear and how our brain works against us to keep us small, and by having a bit of coaching myself. The benefits of reassurance and picking up tips from someone further along the road from me has been phenomenal. And I’ve been that person for others, too, giving hints and tips and reassurance to writers in my turn.

Can I be of help to you? Contact me if I can support you to overcome writing blocks and move forward with your writing goals.