Comments on my work

“As someone who knew nothing about publishing E-books, [I found] Alison was incredible to work with, taking the time to talk me through the process, lead on the project and also send additional information and advice about how to help promote the book online. Highly recommended.”

Dan Webber, poet and author of Genre Fluid.

‘Alison was great. Very competent and efficient. The process[1] seemed effortless. I had to set up a KDP account first and Alison was very supportive and helpful while I was involved in the set up. I am not very computer literate, but never felt worried about asking for help when I couldn’t understand the terminology.  Thanks, Alison.’

Philippa Sharp, author of ‘Light the Blue Toucher Paper, a woman’s Adventure’s at Sea.’

[1] To create an ebook version of Philippa’s memoir