Self-publishing and e-book production

Can I help you share a story you want to tell?

I’ve worked with people of all ages – one-to-one and in writing workshops – to help get their stories onto paper or recorded onto digital recorders.

And as I took mum’s advice at sixteen and learned to type, I have an excellent set of skills for turning handwritten stories into manuscripts, and editing and formatting the creative work of people who’ve already typed up their own.

I’ve been publishing creative work online and as books and pamphlets for almost ten years and helping others do the same for at least five.

Your poems, stories and memories deserve to be shared and there’s never been an easier and more cost effective time to publish them yourself than now.  Contact me if I can help to craft them into what you’d like them to be.

Here are some of the projects I’ve been involved with:

In September 2020 I formatted the ebook version of ‘Light the Blue Touchpaper: a Woman’s Adventures at Sea,‘ by Philippa Sharp (pub. Big White Shed 2020), supporting Philippa to navigate uploading it to Amazon’s KDP platform.

Earlier in the year, I re-worked Dan Webber’s ‘Genre Fluid,’ (also published by Big White Shed) for him to upload as an ebook to KDP himself.

In November 2019 I updated ‘More Questions Than Answers?‘, a book I’d first formatted for publishing as an e-book on Amazon back in 2016.  Written by Tony Corley about the murder of his son, the book brings information on the case up to date.  A change in publisher also gave Tony the chance to move the book to his own Amazon platform, with some support from myself.

The Last of the Luddites‘ by Ian Porter (Panda Eyes Publishers) is a non fiction book about a Luddite attack in Leicestershire in 1816.  It was published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the attack and I re-formatted the paperback manuscript into an e-book for publishing on Amazon.

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