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Like many other freelancers, I lost the means of earning my living when lockdown began and all my writing classes in the community stopped running.  So I’ve been looking at other ways to plug the gap in income.

I’d heard lots about an idea called ‘Buy Me a Coffee,’ so thought I’d check it out.  It’s basically a platform which allows people to support writers, artists and other creatives whose work they like by giving them a small ‘tip’ – the price of a coffee – as a thank you.

Payments are easy and secure to make and the platform itself takes only a very small transaction fee from each donation – leaving the greater majority of the money to be passed to the creator.

The ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ platform (or ‘Buy Me a Cuppa’ as I changed mine to read, not being much of a coffee drinker) also allows the creator to advertise other services their followers might be interested in.

Click here to check out my page and find out more about the online writing groups and other services I offer.

And join me on Facebook at the Stay in and Scribble writing community for free, regular writing prompts.


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