Ashby Arts Festival

I’m chuffed to bits to be invited to run a writing workshop this month for Ashby Arts Festival, roughly a year and a half after the last one I planned was cancelled because of the pandemic.

It’ll be great to be able to work with writers in person again. My zoom workshops are fun, don’t get me wrong, and the convenience of running them with just a 2 minute commute from kitchen to computer definitely a plus, but there’s something special about being in a room with people bouncing ideas off each other and hearing the gasps as they read out what they’ve just created.

And Ashby is such a lovely town, too, with lots of history to explore and – during the festival – art work to look at on buildings around the centre. I think I might make a day of it – visit the castle in the morning, have a spot of lunch and a nose around the festival, then write about the ‘streets’ I’ve just walked on in the afternoon. Fancy joining me?

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