Go on, share your work!

As happens often for me, the Universe has thrown me in the path of experiences, coincidences and random happenings on a recurring theme these past few weeks, as if it’s tapping me on the shoulder to say ‘hey, here’s something you should be doing something about.’

This month’s rough overarching theme has been ‘put yourself out there, show people what you do,’ and ten years into my freelance life, I’m more comfortable doing that about some aspects of my creative self than I ever thought possible (mostly in respect of what I do to support the creativity of others).

But when it comes to my own writing … well, that’s safe, secure and unjudgeable in little folders on my laptop, so why would I risk pushing it out into the world?

Following random threads on Youtube this week led me to this book, and I instantly downloaded it on Audible, where it’s packaged into one with ‘Steal Like an Artist’ and ‘Keep Going’. But it’s full of such wisdom and insight into why and how you should share your creative work that I immediately ordered physical copies of it – and if you’re one of my local creative friends, I may well bore-the-pants off you making you read and re-read bits of it. It’s definitely worth the effort.

How good are you at sharing your meaningful creative work and what snippets of wisdom could you share to persuade others to be brave and do it, too?

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